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Zinello Design

If you’re like me, you probably love having dinner using your favorite flatware. I would like to introduce you to flatware that I appreciate because of it's appearance, utility and endurance. Flatware is more than just tools to eat and cook. Am I right? :)

I have discovered flatware by Zinello Design last year. Zinello Design is a small, family business that sells beautiful flatware suitable for any occasion, whether you want to make everyday dining experience extraordinary or to create a one-of-a-kind table set for a special event, setting your table with this flatware will make a striking addition to your dinning experience.

Zinello flatware works well for everyday use or special dinner parties, and compliments a variety of home decor styles. And all of that at a very affordable price.

All the pieces are very beautiful, well made, shinny and sturdy. The weight and feel in the hand is great.

Firenze Flatware Set

Definitely the perfect flatware to step up your dinner table game. Curvy forms will compliment your dinnerware. An exquisite golden shine will bring royal feeling to your table. I love it how it goes well with my apartment decorations. So if you love table decorations with gold accents, this cutlery set will be perfect for you.

Firenze flatware is $129.90 (24-piece Set, Service for 6)

Click here to learn more.

Paris Flatware Set

This set stands out. Setting up your table with the Paris flatware set will make a striking addition to your dinning experience. I love how well it goes with my plain grey tablecloth, simple yet fancy. Paris collection is a stainless steel set, a Zinello Design exclusive. It has a classic, perfectly plain shape updated with a beautifully dark finish and an original engraving.

$ 79.90 (16-piece Set, Service for 4)

Click here to learn more.

Choosing the right flatware

Choose stainless steel because it has a number of utilitarian advantages. It’s long lasting, relatively inexpensive and most importantly durable. How great would it feel owning an elegant looking set of cutlery that requires less work to maintain it.

It’s significant to choose a cutlery set that’s not only practical, but which also complements your unique style and your household. Browse Zinello Design collections today and choose the one that fits you the best.

I hand wash my cutlery and thus far after some consistent usage they've held up nicely, hoping it will continue to do for the long run.

I can honestly say I am happy with Zinello Design flatware, and the luxury it brings into my home.

If you want to dress your dining table with unique designs check out their website here:

Check out this video I've created of my socially distanced Valentine's day dinner using Zinello Design Paris flatware:

Zinello Design is giving away a set of Paris flatware to one lucky winner.

Enter the giveaway here:



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