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“Wait! Let me take a picture before you eat”.


I'm so glad you've found my page! I'm a Vancouver-based content creator, brand and product photographer. 

I started Ellenfinds when I realized that I loved taking photos of food so much I became a #foodie. That passion slowly led me into becoming a content creator. And now I am here to help YOU sell your product by providing you with images that sell.

Few things you need to know about me:

- I'm originally from Lithuania &  moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2015.

- I'm also a blogger, foodie and influencer in Vancouver, BC. 

 - I graduated with a Computer Science degree in Czech Republic.

- I love avocados. I have at least one avocado a day.

I even got a small tattoo of avocado on my right arm!

Feel free to reach out to me and my team, to make your social media look incredible!

*sorry gotta go finish my avo-toast. 

much love,


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