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World Vegan Month. Let's Taco-Bout It!

Happy Vegan Month everyone!

To celebrate it I have perfected a vegan taco night complimented with delicious drinks and burning sauces! No, seriously. If you are looking to have a vegan Taco night and want to cook something easy but super delicious I recommend trying Lita's Vegan Taco Kits, because they are the BEST. I am in love with taco nights! Here is my way for having a fun fiesta any night of the week!

But First let's go back to why I chose Lita's Mexican Foods and why I think they are the best. Lita's Mexican Foods use holistic nutrition ideals when formulating their recipes, so you can be sure you are eating real food with minimal ingredients.

I have tried their organic white and whole wheat flour tortillas, and all their taco kits : TINGA TACO KIT, COCHINITA TACO KIT and BEANS TACO MEAL KIT. I can honestly say that I love their products, they are delicious, easy to make and filling!

For my vegan night I have prepared Tinga Taco Kit. This dish is made using enoki mushrooms, jackfruit, and 100% authentic Mexican spices. It is flavored with real Mexican chilis without any harmful artificial flavors or colors, to create a smoky chipotle flavored sauce.

Ready to say adios to a long day? Try this non-alcoholic cocktail made with Mango Ginger Water Kefir by Kindred Cultures.


  • 3oz Mango

  • 2oz Orange/Pineapple/passion fruit juice

  • 3oz soda water

  • Ice

I used pineapple juice & Bubbly sparkling water in my cocktail, and it was amazing!

Kindred Cultures is a BC company that take probiotic-rich water kefir and infuse it with a rainbow of organic, nutrient-rich foods to produce a delicious probiotic beverage that makes your body feel great.

It's low in sugar, packed with probiotics, infused with the natural goodness of real foods.

I really can't wait to try other flavors!

Now that we've got tacos and drinks ready, we need to talk about sauces!

A taco is nothing without the perfect sauce to go with it.

Aji Gourmet Products have this part covered!

Aji Gourmet Products is a local family business and they make unique chunky chili sauces. Aji is a South American product that can be used as a condiment, marinade, dip, hot sauce and even as a mix. Their products are made with all natural ingredients, no preservative, zero sugar, gluten free and are also keto friendly.

You can use them on their own on absolutely everything from meats to salads, burgers to TACOS and wraps. Their sauces can be used as ingredients for mixes. For example, I used their Pouch - Guacamole Mix with avocado, it makes gourmet guacamole!

Anyone who knows me know how obsessed I am with avocados and guacamole, this was a killer guac!

You Should 100% Make Lita's Mexican Tacos for Dinner Tonight (Even If It's Not Tuesday)!

If you would like to recreate my VEGAN TACO NIGHT, enter the GIVEAWAY here for a chance to win :

- Tinga and Cochinita Taco kits from Lita's Mexican Foods + a cloth tortilla warmer

- 1L bottle of Mango Ginger Water Kefir from Kindred Cultures

- 2 guacamole pouches (mild and medium) and a bottle of burn from Aji Gourmet Products


Giveaway starts Nov 18th, 2020



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