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Wooden Spoon, White Rock

A heavenly breakfast outside Vancouver…

We arrived to White Rock just an hour before our reservation at Wooden Spoon, we walked passed it, ow boy it was busy! They had continuing waves of people coming in and leaving.

We were so excited to try this place. We went for a walk and enjoyed the sunshine and the views. White Rock is such a beautiful place!

When we arrived to the restaurant we were greeted nicely and we got the biggest table so I could order a lot of food and test it out :) haha, clearly I am a small person so that never happened.

The atmosphere is really cool there. And they made my day by offering me good french press coffee. Oui to good coffee!

We also ordered a cute drink that matched the ambiance of the place. Rosemary Heights - salt rim, grapefruit juice, rosemary syrup, fresh lime juice, lemon & lime soda⁣. ⁣Nom!

Menu. One thing I noticed this place is really good at playing with different kind of flavors, especially when it comes to having twists on a traditional dish. But as soon as I saw french toast on the menu I just knew I want it. It was a french toast kinda day. And it was everything I was craving for! I had:

Nana-tella French Toast :⁣

Thick-cut french toast smothered with Nutella and stuffed with bananas, topped with salted caramel and banana chips. ⁣ -added ice cream

We also ordered :

Gardener ( from the Bennys section, their Bennys selection is great, you get the feeling like you want to try them all!) : ⁣

Sautéed kale & artichoke hearts, tomato jam, nutritional yeast, house made chickpea biscuit. Served with poached eggs, champagne hollandaise, homestyle potatoes and apple grain salad.

It’s definitely a local gem of White Rock.

Definitely recommend!


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