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Cloud Ice Cream

It's officially summer time, and it's time to get my hands on some Home-made Ice Cream!

I am all about promoting local businesses and when I saw Cloud on Instagram I knew I needed to try their Ice Cream!

It's homemade ice cream, that contains lactose free milk and regular heavy-cream.

They offer free deliver on 500ml pints which are $14, you get $1 off if you retrieve of each jar!

They can be delivered to:



Surrey central/Guildford


Vancouver ( minimum 2 orders)

Their ice cream is so flavorsome! It has a perfect amount of the creamy texture that melts in your moth, almost no iciness and incredible flavors. I have an inherent love of strawberries so I was amazed of how much the strawberry ice cream smelled like fresh strawberries when I opened up the jar! Juicy juicy flavor!

They have several creamy creations you would be happy to try! I got Chocolate,Strawberry and Dalgona Coffee (which is their best-seller) , and ow boy they're to die for.

If you love ice cream or you're just in need of a sweet fix, you have to try Cloud's homemade ice cream! Get some and serve it during patio/backyard parties, accompany your desserts like brownies, pies, cookies and just about everything else with their ice cream. I promise, these flavorful creations will impress your guests, big and small.

I am so happy I've found Cloud Ice Cream, another great local business that are killing it!

If you would like to win 2 Jars of their ice cream ( Dalgona Coffee & Chocolate) enter giveaway here:

Support local! And have a wonderful summer!



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