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Why my brand needs lifestyle photography?

I often get hired by brands that make one common mistake - they only post the typical product shots to their website and online stores. Product images can make a huge impact on your customer’s willingness to buy what you’re selling. But what I always assure my clients is that there has to be a balance between product images and lifestyle images. Lifestyle photography can help tell the story of your brand. They can show how your product fits into your customers’ lives. Lifestyle photography express a feeling, a lifestyle, or the identity of your brand.

Product photography is about more than just the product itself because you’re not just selling a product. You are selling something that is going to make your client’s life easier. Plus images of you with the product can help put a very personal touch on your story and let your audience get to know the face behind the brand.

Lifestyle image for headwraps by Dear London

When I take photos of my client's products, I always make sure to take some lifestyle photos to round out the experience. And when I show it to the client they realize how they needed these images. See these examples below:

The idea of lifestyle photography is to give your customer the opportunity to see how your product would look placed in a natural everyday environment, to show your product within a styled scene, to demonstrate the main purpose of this product and how a potential customer can use it.

Do you need photos to post on your social media? Are you doing a website redesign? Product photography is key to telling the unique story of your business! I want to help you find your story through vibrant and artistic product photography.

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