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Behind the Scenes of Ellenfinds: A Creative Journey in Bold Journey Magazine

I had the opportunity to be featured in Bold Journey Magazine, where I chatted all about the creation of Ellenfinds and what the driving forces behind my creativity and inspiration are. I talk all things Ellenfinds, The Beatcast and finding your niche! 

"To keep things exciting and let my creativity flow, I actively explore new interests and hobbies that have nothing to do with photography. It’s not just about adding more flavor to my life; it also connects me with fellow creators who have their own unique outlooks. For instance, just over a year ago, I got really into beat making. I dived headfirst into this world, hung out with other beatmakers, learned the ropes of music production, and even got invited to co-host an interactive beat making sample challenge called The Beatcast. This experience broadened my creative horizons, gave me a fresh perspective, and, not to mention, led me to make new friends!"

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