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What's Up! Hot Dog?

This spot is a Killer! This is where cool kids hangout.

You're missing out if you never tried their food. Located 2481 E Hastings St., Vancouver, What's Up! Hot Dog? is definitely the coolest spot in the neighborhood. I am a huge fan, if you're looking for a place to be YOURSELF, have fun playing pinball, have awesome food & drinks then this is THE PLACE. Also, has to be the best damn service in the city!!!

What's Up! Hot Dog? Party in my car. (DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, this can was not opened!))

Since we can't really do all the fun things right now due to COVID19 we can still order awesome food, am I right? You can order takeaway food and have a party in your car. Or dance around a neighborhood pretending to be at What's Up! Hot Dog? while eating your fries (You think it's silly? Well it is not. I did that. And I had FUN). Thanks to my boy Ti9ri for making beats for this video, make sure you check out his page, support local artists!

What's Up! Hot Dog? has a wide menu that offers not only hot dogs. From VEGAN ‘FRICKEN' WINGS to Burgers, there are plenty of food for a cool night in front of a TV or a game night with your friends or family!

Ok ok, just let me tell you a bit more about their burgers. They have just introduced customers to these TWO NEW BURGERS and they are A W E S O M E. How do I know that? Well cause I tried them. And I say they are 5/5 !

New NEW Billy Burger - smoked cheddar, red wine onion jam, house made BBQ sauce, tomato, lettuce. ( I had this done with vegan beyond meat patty.)

It was amazing! the burger was so tasty, the barbecue sauce provided a nice bit of sweetness and smokiness. Every bite of it was a new, exciting flavor. My carnivore boyfriend also enjoyed it, when I let him try a very small piece :)

The GOON Burger - banana peppers, onion, tomato, hot sauce, mayo and blue cheese drizzle. The burger was rich in flavor, very filling and the toppings were super fresh.

Meat is hormone free, nitrate free, grass fed beef from Two Rivers.

The sides were just right, fries and waffle chips(they are awesome, perfect crisp tenderness, yummy) and then buns were soft and fresh.

Are you drooling already?

I could talk and talk about how awesome this place is, but I will stop here and let you try it for yourself. Enter a giveaway here to win these two new burgers and two drinks(Pabst Blue Ribbon or Nude Vodka Soda):

Order What's up! Hot Dog? here:

Support Local Businesses as they go above and beyond to stay open and keep us fed and happy! :)

Stay healthy funky people!



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