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Chilliwack Tulip Festival

Tulips Festival : 2021 SEASON

Every spring we get to admire colorful flower fields and to welcome the new season. It's time to update your social media with vibrant images and what's a better way to do it if not using beautiful portraits of yourself in the tulip fields?

But where can you get to do that?

This past weekend we decided to visit Chilliwack to check out the Tulip Festival. I never knew looking at a bunch of flowers could be so exciting!

Chilliwack Tulips Festival

If you live in British Columbia, you must visit Chilliwack Tulips by Tulips of the Valley, because it is Western Canada’s largest and most recognized Tulip Farm. It offers a huge variety of flowers to admire. It really takes your breath away, they are AMAZING. I can’t even begin to describe the colour, and how intense it was. I am loading this post with a variety of photos... although I will admit, photos don’t do justice and I highly recommend having this experience yourself!

chilliwack tulip festival
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What to expect

The tickets to 2021 Chilliwack Tulip Festival is $20 advance / $25 day-of.

When you're visiting Chilliwack Tulip Festival not only you get to take photos with the flowers, there are photo installations placed throughout the fields where you can take adorable photos.

And after an afternoon of walking and enjoying the flowers, try some of the famous Dutch food or shop at the market for delicious Dutch waffles, locally harvested honey, fresh cut and potted Tulips, Hyacinths, and Daffodils.

Covid-19 Info - Please Follow Recommended Health & Travel Advisories.

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