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Richmond Sunflower Festival

Have you been looking for a location to escape the crowds and find a perfect spot to take cute summer photos?

Richmond Sunflower Festival is the thing now! These gorgeous fields of blooming sunflowers are a sight to behold.

Admission to the Richmond's Sunflower Festival gives you the opportunity to enjoy a 15 acres of over 20 varieties of sunflowers and Dahlias, grab food from local food vendors & lemonade stands, visit farmer's market that offers an incredible variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables , get lost in a sunflower maze, visit wine tasting room and an outside patio, visit farm animals and have the opportunity to buy some sunflowers to bring it home with you.

Stations with colorful trucks and other fun decorations are set up in various locations throughout the sunflower field (including the maze, so don't skip the it!) to capture that perfect summer Instagrammable moment.

We had so much fun, sipping on a cold lemonade from Lemon Heaven and walking around the beautiful field of sunflowers and Dahlias.

Get your tickets here and save!

With an admission ticket you get 30% off wine bottles from Country Vines (we got two bottles, and they were both amazing).

The sunflower blooming season is typically around July and August. After that, the flowers go to seed and it closes. Hurry up and get a chance to see these iconic flowers!



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