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"Time to wine down."

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

If wine is your drink of choice, you're not alone there, pal.

I love wine. I am definitely one of those people who chooses wine over any other alcoholic beverage.

I like most of wine lovers know that moderate alcohol consumption has been linked with numerous benefits, from healthier hearts to sharper minds and even longer lives... but enough about that.

Drinking wine associates with feeling a little fancier, so that's why most of the time people would prefer an easy canned drink when they hang out in a chill environment. But what if you are the person who loves wine but also don't feel like bringing a bottle of wine to a party where everyone else is drinking beers and sodas? Great news! Emotive Beverages came up with a perfect solution for you!

Wine in cans.

Emotive Beverages is a Canadian wine company in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Premium wines packaged conveniently in environmentally friendly and recyclable 250mL aluminum cans. 

They come in 4-packs. And their cans are so insta-worthy too! I'm such a fan.

Also, wouldn't you prefer not seeing the greasy fingerprints you left on the glass after eating those delicious Fish & Chips?

So, just grab your canned wine and start sharing your journey of sipping.


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