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The Hidden Gem - Moltaqa

Last year I stumbled upon this Moroccan restaurant and I fell in love with that place. So this year I went back there because well...if you ever have been there you just want to go back there again and again...

The place has so much charm, Moltaqa covers a nice spectrum of culinary styles in the cozy space of the restaurant, so the moment you walk in through their doors you feel like you've left downtown Vancouver and you entered a wonderfully relaxed dining atmosphere. The music and the ambiance will be an everlasting experience where you can enjoy the familiarity of a home-cooked meal.

What I really appreciate about Moltaqa is how welcomed you feel when you're there. Mimo, the owner, treats you like your a guest in his own house. Service is always great, servers are really friendly and are always happy to guide you through the menu.

Unlike most of the restaurants in Vancouver, Moltaqa is more relaxed and there is no need to rush out.


My recommendations?

Let's see:

Start off with a Bessara soup. It's a traditional Moroccan green pea soup garnished with cumin and olive oil drizzle. It's also VEGAN! The soup was hearty and served it's purpose of warming us up.

Bessara soup

Pastilla is a dish that takes you through many historical layers of Morocco.

Pastilla - Traditionally made with vegetables, rice noodles, philo, and garnished with cinnamon and icing sugar. This is my favorite dish there. I love the perfect crispiness of the shell and the filling is absolutely delicious. I will be coming back for more.

They also have a Chicken and Seafood(pre-order only) pastillas available.

Pastilla Vegetable

LOUBIA *VEGAN*- Traditional Moroccan stew made with white beans, tomatoes, ginger, and cilantro.

MUJADARA LENTIL STEW *VEGAN* - Traditional Moroccan lentil stew made with tomatoes and cilantro.

ZAALOUK *VEGAN* - Traditional Moroccan stew made with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

BARBA ORANGE BEET SALAD - Such a fresh and delicious combination of ingredients. LOVE it!

Ow look and there is me trying to blend in :)

Halal Tagines

Vegetable - Quinoa, Moroccan spices, and roasted seasonal vegetables. Such a filling and comforting dish.

Tagines are accompanied by a side of couscous or bread. I am obsessed with their bread...


Leave some room for desserts!

They have the traditional Moroccan Pastries available.

Chebakia - Moroccan sesame cookie which is shaped into a flower, fried and then coated with honey.

Pistachio financier - pastries made with ground pistachios and almonds .

Kaab el ghazal - Gazelle Ankles/gazelle horns - cookies that are prepared with almond paste.

The food there is very tasty, not just your traditional middle eastern food, this is definitely more flavorful and spiced up plus the portion sizes were very generous.

My overall rating is 5/5.

Moltaqa restaurant succeeds in balancing style with great taste in every aspect of its experience.

Speaking of experience - I would definitely recommend having a dinner there. The moment it gets dark outside, the warm candles create an amazing atmosphere there.

TIP: There is a Belly Dancing Performance by talented Lana

every Friday and Saturday.

Visit : to make a reservation now!

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