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Supernatural gardens

One of the best things about working from home is the opportunity to design your space, create a zen working environment. And to create a healthy environment you need plants. I love plants, but I also struggle to keep them alive. I call myself a serial houseplants killer. So I had to learn not to bring home plants that require extensive and specific care, and choose something a little easier to maintain.

And as much as I would love to have a small garden where I could grow small low-maintenance, yet cute plants, I can't have it, those are cons of living in an apartment building in the downtown of Vancouver.

But there is a really wonderful solution to that! Terrariums are great for people living in small spaces like me :) They are space-saving and adorable, creating a fascinating ecosystem right in your home! And it's super easy to maintain if planned out well, can pretty much take care of itself. Double win!

Nicolle who is a creator of Supernatural Gardens, makes the most beautiful terrariums! And now I have one of them in my home office!

It's a perfect version of an indoor miniature garden of my dreams! My garden includes a cactus, a zebra haworthia plant, a rose quartz chunk and rainbow glass stones. It's so so beautiful and magical! It's a perfect piece of happy plants to display on coffee table, desk, window sill, or kitchen counter.

I love that my terrarium features a Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is a stone of heart, that inspires the love of beauty, aids the heart chakra and gives loving energy, helps with balancing emotions & self esteem. It also stimulates the imagination - art, music and the written word. It's so perfect for me and what I do :)

To see more creations from Nicolle's and Supernatural Gardens make sure you follow her social media accounts:



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