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One Way Ticket - Tricia O'Malley

Pick this book up,relax and enjoy

This year was tough for all of us around the world. On top of the travel restriction, the impact on stress, anxiety and mental health was more challenging than ever. To escape, I threw myself into work and made myself busy but stress has a way of catching up with you. We often forget that its okay to not be okay, give ourselves a break and enjoy the small things that life has to offer. Luckily I came across Tricia O'Malley book 'One way ticket'.

...Making bold decisions when in self doubt

'One way ticket' is a book based on a Caribbean Island exploring self-discovery and making bold decisions when in self doubt. I vicariously lived through the main character Paige who suffered betrayal but always held her head high and took life in charge. Paige made a courageous decision to take a job at “Tranquila Inn”, a resort as coordinator of Poco Poco island to start over. Of course, life never works this way and she eventually has to confront her past. Paige runs into the very people she's escaping form, as well as mysterious stranger Jack with whom new challenges and colorful adventures begin.

“She was brave. And there was nothing standing in the way of her making this island-life a reality.”

This book was a perfect escape. I managed to get away from all my worries at Poco Poco island where everyone takes life step by step. I had an opportunity to discover the island through Paige and Jack's eyes. It was quite a treat to see how Paige is changing and evolving and encouraged me to do the same. This book reminded me to slow down, take a breath, meditate more often and get to know myself.

“Life will always be messy. But oh, it's so incredibly beautiful, too.”

Check out more about Tricia O'Malley and find out where you can get one of her books here:



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