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Sunday at Taves Family Farm

Fall is officially here and it’s time to visit the pumpkin patch! I have never had a chance to go and this was such a fun day trip we decided to take this Sunday. Taves Family Farm offers various activities for all ages.

So today I wanted to share what Taves Family Farm is and give you some photo ideas to do during your visit to a pumpkin patch this season!

There is a giant pumpkin field to take your pick right off the vine. Get your photo in the field surrounded by various size pumpkins! The little ones are just the cutest!

Tip: Aim for a shot with no people picking pumpkins in the background. You will see a huge difference!

If you go apple picking don't forget to get one of those colorful garden carts in the shot!

TIP: Try to get the whole cart in your image makes the picture so much better.

There is a maze in the corn fields in Taves Family Farm, it's absolutely worth going into it! We got lost and had fun finding our way back.

TIP: For the perfect fun photo try throwing apples or little pumpkins in the air to create movement. And make sure you capture the some of the sky too!

After we've selected a few orange beauties, we headed to enjoy other activities. There is a farm animal petting zoo, where I had a chance to hang out with baby goats, you can also get treats for goats for $2 and make their day!

Here is a photo of me being all happy :)

We had fresh baked potatoes and corn, spun the fortune wheel and won apple cider slushies. We also stopped by their country store, which is stocked with tons of fresh local produce, homemade pies, local honey, and more. I took a blueberry pie and local honey home with me.

TIP: Get close up photos of the pumpkins and use it as your wallpapers for your phone this fall season!

We ended the day by visiting Taves Estate Cidery. Where we had cider tasting and local cheese. It was perfect!

I thought I will share this cute video of me having goat cheese and ciders while hanging out with goats.

Definitely recommend visiting this place!

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