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Spa Day at home with Beth & Olivia

Do you feel like you need a spa day? How great would it be to have a spa day at home, using only locally made products?

Check this list of how you can indulge yourself easily using only Beth & Olivia products right in the comfort of your own home.


ROSE GERANIUM ROLL ON PERFUME. Fractionated coconut oil- an extremely light oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves a nice refreshing smell on your skin, creating a real spa experience. It smells like the real live fresh cut roses. I love it!

PINK CLAY FACE MASK will detoxify your skin, increase your blood circulation, soothe the dryness of your skin by absorbing the oil. This dry face mask is suitable for dry and mature skin. It pulls out toxins from pores while softening the skin. Quality home spa treatment for your face, who wouldn't want a fresh face?

PINE AND EUCALYPTUS BATH SALTS. Get in the bath with MY FAVORITE bath salt ever. I've tried so many bath salts over the years and I was really looking forward to try Beth & Olivia's bath salts. And wow! It exceeded my expectations! It is by far the most relaxing and best smelling bath salt I have ever used!! I felt my skin tingle in the best way, and I felt so fresh and relaxed after my bath I couldn't stop saying: "wow, how good was this bath?". This is one awesome product.

The best part of a spa day at home :)

While in the Bath use TEA TREE EUCALYPTUS SOAP for natural and earthy smell, there is nothing better then coming out of the shower smelling super f r e s h!

TIP: it's great for waking up shower in the morning.

This soap is divine!

ORANGE BLOSSOM Bath Bomb Square - For anyone who wants an uplifting bath experience, that would provide a relaxing effect on the body. Enjoy the hot soak, while diving into a good book or simply lie and enjoy the refreshing experience. You'll be amazed how great you'll feel after!

NEROLI FLORAL WATER - Such a great find. I can't stop telling everyone about it. It is derived from orange blossoms giving it a scent of orange with a hint of jasmine. I fell in love with the smell. I know I will definitely reorder it!

Just before getting into bed, I spritz a little over my pillows. Helps me fall asleep faster. The pleasant scent still lingers in the morning. Truly lovely mist for face and body.

CHAI LIP BUTTER - It applies smoothly and it has a pleasant light scent. Perfect moisture I apply it before going to sleep.



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