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Smith's Bagelry

I've heard a lot about Smith's Bagelry on 191 W Broadway, and finally had a chance to visit today. And boy it changed my life, I am now a 100% in love with Turkish pastries and bagels! and I thought I was a fan of bagels..well turns out I knew nothing! :)

You can spot the place by it's cute outside display that makes people stop and watch the pastries they serve. The place is so busy, people were coming and leaving, but the service is awesome, friendly smiles and pleasant energy. Owners are really nice people, I can tell how much they care about the service they provide.

I took an outside table and was ready to try a bit of everything, but I have never imagined how much carbs I can actually eat. It was so perfect I couldn't stop eating everything! All the flavors and textures just made me so eager to try more.

Let's break down the things I had:

Flaky Pastries in the pictures are called Bourek, we had a potato filled, beef, spinach ones.

Soft Bagels on the table:

Nutella - soft and just amazing! not too sweet but enough to enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

Sesame Bagel -just a delight! Perfect for any kind of sandwich.

Cinnamon Bagel - So soft and.. nom nom.

Eclair - let me tell you something, I am not a huge fan of eclairs, but this was a heavenly one, very light, but just as sweet as I needed it to be :)

This place serves San Sebastian Cheesecake. For those who don't know what it is, like I didn't, the recipe was brought from Basque Country, in northern Spain. It is a burnt cheesecake that has no base, it's light texture just melts in your mouth, and you would never predict that its caramelized burnt corners would become so addictive.

I have not been to another bakery who serves burnt cheesecake. It's nothing like a typical american cheesecake. It's fluffy and leaves you wanting more!...and more and more.. ( You can tell, I will be coming back). Tomorrow perhaps?

Pistachio Roll - Baklava. Sweet & delicious dessert, it can't disappoint anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Bagel Sandwiches :

Symrna - hummus, prosciutto, tomato,arugula.Istanbul - feta,cucumber, tomato, lettuce.

Sandwiches were light & refreshing!

The Stuffed Bagel on the table is filled with cheese and black olives! It was amazing!

I am a huge fan of bagels...and Smith's bagels have the perfect balance of dense & fluffy and flavorful, it was just everything I'd ever expected from good Bagelry.

I truly can't say enough about Smith's Bagelry, they are far superior and I hope to see them do amazing things in the future! I will definitely recommend it to everyone & I can't wait to plan another visit soon just to get another bite of one of the marvelous treats of theirs!


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