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Riveted by Design

Nowadays when life is so fast paced we forget to address our real feelings, we tend to move on so fast from the fight we had, from the emotions we felt when we saw a beautiful movie, how amazed we were at the moment we traveled. And then we wonder why we feel so emotionally exhausted and stressed.

Our lives are full of beautiful valuable moments. Moments of knowledge, insight, joy, learning experiences... We sometimes move on from the little things in life without acknowledging the real importance. And we often forget that the most recent events in our lives might be the most meaningful ones of all. But how could we keep track?

Well it’s simple. Journal writing not only keeps your creative juices flowing, it also creates some sort of safe environment for you to let go of the stresses of your daily life. It helps to relive the day again, and put it all in words that will create an everlasting memory.

I love writing and it's been a while I had a journal. Ever since I moved to Canada I started living this busy life and forgot how much journal writing was important to me.

It was time to get a new journal. And believe me when I say, I never owned a journal as beautiful as the one I got.

Riveted by Design is a family operated business in Canada. Their leather journals are slow hand made by Stephanie and Sean.

The journals are not only beautiful but made with extremely durable materials - timeless natural leather hides, and the high quality, unlined mixed media art paper hand sewn into the binding.

What I find extremely cool is that the journals made by Riveted by Design are unique. As they are using the leather hides, you find that their journals vary in color and texture. You can sometimes find some scratches, scuffs and marks on your journal cover! As they mention on their website, they include the natural “live edges” of the hides, as well as branding and range marks in our designs because we think it adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each piece.

Riveted by Design also makes Refillable Journals, Personal Planners, Sketchbooks and more.

See their Website here to find out more:

Honestly, I feel so lucky to have found their Instagram account. Their work is incredible and I am so excited to share this discover. These hand bound journals could be a perfect gift to anyone.

Once again, I love living in Canada and being able to discover so many talented people.

Enter a giveaway to win one of their Leather Journals here:



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