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Reign and Cash

The other day I came across an Instagram page and I fell in love with the products I found there. I am so excited I get to brag about what I discovered...

I love jewelry, but I'm also not a woman who wears seven rings on my fingers at all times. It's funny I have hundreds of stud earrings, and I don't think I could pick my favorite ones. I dress quite casual therefore I find that I wear delicate jewelry more often. I also tend to pick jewelry that has a certain meaning.

But a necklace is that one piece of jewelry I love to wear and I prefer not to change it daily. It's kind of like a necklace picks me and we both live happily ever after.

I haven't had that "forever necklace" for a while. Until I came across Reign and Cash.

I got a personalized bar necklace from them, and... I feel obsessed with it and I don't ever want to take it off. Mine is a horizontal bar necklace with a "ti9ri" engraved on it. The customization is so cute, and they have different fonts to choose from too! It is what I wanted and more--absolutely exquisite and so beautiful.

I definitely recommend Reign and Cash, if your are looking to find a unique gift for someone you love, or maybe just looking for an amazing piece of jewelry you would fall in love with just like I did.



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