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It's story time :)

When I moved to Vancouver in 2015, I had no idea I will be meeting my friend from Lithuania here. A friend that I haven't seen in 10 years! We were inseparable when we were in elementary school, eventually we ended up living in different countries. We found ourselves living in Vancouver after all this time and I couldn't be happier. I have such a close friend here with me :) Life can be really unexpected.

Local business that supports endangered species

My friend Indre is a very talented fashion designer. She started a local business - Reevives that supports Canadian endangered species.

The fact that so many species are endangered or at risk is heartbreaking, more can be done to help support and sustain these vulnerable animals.

Reevives is focused to help fund wildlife charities to save and protect these animals. 25% of all sales will go to organizations who are fighting against wildlife threatening issues.

Indre understands that each donation is not huge but they believe that creating awareness and funding these charities can make a big difference.

Carefully crafted eco-friendly designs

Reevives sells limited edition items from up-cycled fabric. They don't support mass production and try to recycle everything they use. This local business produces eco-friendly fashion even though fabric used is not necessarily organic, it is up-cycled and saved from landfill. The eco tank printers are used for the sublimation printing on all garments. Reevives says no to plastic packaging and use just biodegradable bags.

Quality clothing that stands out

I am obsessed with the items I have received from Indre. She created the most comfortable pieces of clothing that I don't want to take off. The cropped sweater is absolutely adorable, it goes so well with high waisted jeans! And just look at this print of a bear!

This t-shirt has the same logo on it, it really pops! I will definitely enjoy wearing this!

Now, check out this cool beanie! I love that it is reversible you can wear inside out (logo just on one side). It's made in a really cool and funky way, makes me look cute and keeps me warm! Thanks Reevives! :)

Every product has a different logo design with different endangered or at risk animals that Reevives support. AMAZING!

I can't praise Indre's work enough. I admire her hard work and I wish her all the best!

Make sure you check her website here:

And give her a follow on Instagram :

Reevives is gifting one of my followers a custom t-shirt and a beanie! Head over to my IG page to enter the GIVEAWAY now:)

Thanks for reading everyone!

xo, Elena



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