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Product photography - power in pictures

Product photography - face of your brand

Product photography for e-commerce can make or break your business. Don’t make that mistake. People are visual. This means having high-quality, beautiful product photography can go a long way.

Think of it this way, your products are the face of your brand. When a customer visits your website or Instagram, or Etsy store, without the ability to pick your products up and see them for themselves, your customers will rely only on your product photography to understand the quality of your brand. That's why product images are essential for a successful ecommerce business and should be taken very seriously!

Billions of people are on their phones scrolling through online stores catalogs every minute. What do you need to do to catch their eyes? Trust that product images can make a huge impact on your customer’s willingness to buy what you’re selling.

Product photography will :

  • Show your customers how your product would look placed in a natural everyday environment.

  • Demonstrate the main purpose of your product.

  • Put a personal touch on your story and let your audience get to know the face behind the brand.

I understand that when you're just starting out, getting your product photos up to par can be intimidating because professional photography is often expensive.

I am a small business owner in Vancouver, BC. Me and my partner are there to make your as a small business owner life easier for an affordable price.

Reach out to me, show me what you're selling and I will give you ideas, help you create images that represents value of your products and the trustworthiness of your brand.

Email me today:

-- Elena Aleksandra


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