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Olive + Ruby Cafe

Located on 2839 West Broadway, very cozy vibes, lots of plants & light, wooden tables and the swing chairs! It is pretty much the ultimate happy place. Very Instagram worthy :)

📷Just me having my three specialty lattes...

They have a huge variety of coffee, specialty lattes, in-house made almond milk.

I was very excited to try out few of the specialty lattes and few dishes from the menu.

We had:

Harissa Toast - Harissa, grilled halloumi (or tofu), sliced avocado, arugula, pumpkin seeds. This has to be my favorite item I tried at Olive + Ruby cafe so far.

📷Harissa Toast

Warmed Grain Bowl - Wheat berries warmed with roasted cherry tomatoes, poached egg, edamame and chimichurri drizzle. What a delicious, filling and healthy combination!

Herbed White Bean Toast - Herbed white bean spread, roasted cherry tomatoes, olive tapenade. I really enjoyed the toast, the olive tapenade is just amazing, goes so well with the white bean spread. I do think their home baked sour dough bread makes all of their toasts and sandwiches extremely delicious.

We all know that specialty latte is Instagram gold. And if you're a real Instagramer you should definitely consider this place! We had three of them, and I do have an absolute favorite.

We had:

Vanilla Latte

Pink Latte - Steamed milk whisked with beet powder, cinnamon maple syrup. It's my favorite, beautiful pink color and perfect sweetness..

Golden Tea Latte - House made almond milk with turmeric,maple syrup, black pepper.

It’s no surprise that many cafés and coffee houses these days seriously deliver in the decor department, but this place has truly delivered the awesome cafe vibes. You just want to stay and spend your lazy afternoons here, reading a book or just enjoying the music while you're sippin' on your latte...

I truly loved this place and I highly recommend it!


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