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No-huevos Rancheros

There's nothing quite as magical as waking up to a delicious homemade breakfast and freshly brewed coffee delivered straight to your bed. And while we can't start off the day like this every morning, we can indulge in the lavish little ritual when the weekend comes around. To get you inspired for the upcoming weekend, I've decided to share a recipe to no-huevos rancheros using products sold ONLY by local companies.

So brew some coffee, and make room in your belly, because this idea of vegan breakfast is going to make you HUNGRY!

No-huevos Rancheros:

My no-huevos rancheros were made using an organic fresh tofu (medium-firm) by Superior Natural. These tofu are a good source of protein, calcium and iron.

To create a perfect taste of scrambled eggs I used Tofu Seasoning 3 "Dozen egg" from Shani's Seasoning. It contains : Exotic salt blend, Nutritional yeast, Turmeric and Black Pepper. I'm so impressed with this product it really makes tofu taste like eggs!

To add protein I used vegan Breakfast Patties from TMRW Foods. They are so delicious made using kidney beans, yellow split peas and quinoa.

And I used my favorite Organic Flour Tortillas from Lita's Mexican Foods, to build my tacos. I use these tortillas every week, they are always in my freezer, ready for tacos for breakfast lunch and dinner!

To add extra flavor, zing and heat, I use hot sauces from Sriracha Revolver. I think their sauces are original, full of flavor and honestly the best hot sauce I've tried in Canada so far. I can't wait to try all of their sriracha sauces.


Prepare vegan breakfast patties:

  • Heat some oil in a pan.

  • Cook the patties few minutes on both sides until cooked through.

  • Cut the patties in small pieces, set aside.

Prepare tofu scramble:

  • Chop the tofu in half.

  • Heat some oil in a pan and add the tofu, use a fork to crumble it into small pieces while it cooks, it will start to look a lot like scrambled eggs.

  • Add 2 tea spoons of SHANI'SEASONING to your tofu scrabble.

  • Add in cooked patties and cook over medium-high heat for another few minutes.

Get your tortillas ready:

  • Heat up a large pan

  • Cook tortillas for 30 seconds on each side in a hot, dry pan.

Build the tacos:

  • Add tofu sausage scramble in the tortilla.

  • Add tomatoes.

  • Add sauce.

It's Coffee Time

If you're interested in trying out new coffee from a local company I definitely recommend Mogiana Coffee. Their expresso roast medium-dark coffee beans, makes a very aromatic, rich and delicious coffee.

I drink my coffee with a splash of Plant Veda creamer. Their beverages are cashew-based, and they offer delicious flavors too. I got to try Vanilla and Chai Spice creamers. I will be buying more for sure!

You can also get a subscription box and have them delivered to your doorstep!

DESSERT is necessary

You can't forget a dessert to go with your breakfast in bed. For a vegan choice of delicious dessert I recommend Panela Lemon filled cookies. I am IN LOVE with their Almond dough cookie stuffed with almond butter fudge.

In addition to all said above, this vegan version of this traditional breakfast is healthier, lower in fat and cholesterol-free, so it’s a win-win! I hope you all will have an great week and find a chance to finish it having breakfast in bed.



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