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No more boring Card Holders!

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Has anyone ever complimented your cardholder?

Never? Maybe because it's the same old plain, one color cardholder you've been having for years?

Of all the accessories you own, your wallet is probably the one that sees the most use. Nowadays it's not rare anymore to see both women and men using cardholders. I recently got my first cardholder and I find it super convenient. Bulky wallets are so complicated to carry around, card holders let you carry only the things you actually need. We don't need to keep receipts anymore since we have gone digital and we can keep track of our spending online.

I have to admit, most of the cardholders available in stores look pretty much the same. They are leather brown or black, have some sort of a small logo on it. I like to think that your wallet or a cardholder quietly advertise your personality.

Who wouldn't want a cardholder that stands out? That matches your handbag or suitcase?

Or that goes so well with your new fancy coat or a manicure?

Let me introduce you to Nimesto. Nimesto is a Canadian brand that wants to increase the selection of exotic small leather goods offered to Canadians. Nimesto has a goal and it's to offer colours in exotic skins that aren’t offered anywhere else. And I absolutely adore the designs. They are fresh, different and eye catching.

They have designs that would fit anyone's taste.

A slim card holder made with pebbled red genuine calfskin, black calfskin, and a center pocket lined with red calfskin.

Thinking that grown ups don't need a colorful and stylish wallet or cardholder is quite old school. Wallet/Cardholder will tell other people about your personality and your fashion sense as much as other clothes you put on. So be yourself and don't be afraid to choose a stylish way to carry your money and cards around.

Order yours here :


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