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My Top 10 '90s Sega Genesis Video Games

Sega Genesis launched in 1989, and while some of my friends had SNES which was introduced the just a little later than Sega Genesis in 1990, I was given a Sega, and I couldn't be happier with games like Sonic the hedgehog, Streets of Rage or Road Rash. I've spend most of my childhood playing video games, I have to admit it was a high priority hobby of mine. My dad was a huge gamer and I loved spending time watching him play video games or playing the games with him and my older sister.

And now when Sega Genesis Mini came back to my life I can't help to feel nostalgic about these times when nothing really mattered and we just enjoyed paying video games, laughing and challenging each other, and most importantly - bonding.

Here is my top 10 Sega Genesis Games I loved and still love today.

#10 Rock'n'Roll Racing

I love racing games, and this one just has to be my favorite Sega Genesis racing game. I used to spend hours playing it with my best friend, upgrading the cars, drifting, shooting missiles and trying to finish the story mode, there are so many worlds to finish, and you can do it in 3 difficulties.

#9 Earthworm Jim

My older sister was OBSESSED with this game. And she was also so good at it. Up to this day I can't even compare myself to her playing this game. I wish they made a remake of this game it would be awesome! The graphics are great for a Sega game, and besides couple weird levels, the game is really fun! It's so random and hilarious too. This GIF below says so much about the game.

#8 Mortal Kombat

Sonya Blade was my hero. I wanted to be her, I wanted her to be my best friend, I wanted to have her haircut, her green sports bra, matching color pants... Until Tomb Raider showed up and then I forgot about poor blonde Sonya. Haha, no I adore Sonya and her crazy good moves, she can't be forgotten. Love this game, characters are super cool, unique, just try and learn all those combinations to see some real fights! I enjoyed Mortal Kombat, even though I used to think it was too brutal when I was young. I still think so, just look at my hero Sonya brutally kissing and burning Stryker up.

#7 Sonic The Hedgehog

It has to be my most played video game ever. I know it inside out, Sonic has countless sequels and various other spin off games. My boyfriend recently got me Sonic Forces on PS4, and I love it! In my opinion the original Sonic the Hedgehog is the best, I just love the simplicity of the game, the music makes your heart race faster and helps keep up with the little hedgehog rushing through your screen. The artwork is beautiful, I would recommend this to anyone. Every time I see Sonic's face when he is about to fall or he is falling it just cracks me up.

#6 Toy Story

This game is probably the most beautifully designed of all the Sega games I've played. You get to play as Woody who is equipped with a pull string whip, you can tie up enemies, swing around and complete challenges in the game which are so entertaining and fun. I do however think it's a hard game to play, I now do understand why I struggled so much as a kid playing this game. Even adult me finds it difficult. But I would definitely recommend trying it.

#5 Aladdin

You just gotta love Aladdin. There is plenty of humor in the game, the music is fantastic, you have lots of enemies to fight, there is a lot to explore, it's just everything you want in an adventure game.

I have to say I am intrigued by the PlayStation's Disney Classics release, the in-progress artwork and level design looks amazing, and I would love to give it a try. I do however love playing it on my Sega Genesis Mini.

#4 Lion King

Who wouldn't like to go on a fascinating trip down memory lane and enjoy playing as Simba, watch him adult, confront his past to and take his place in the "Circle of Life".

I really think it's one of the best 2D platforms available on the console. It's a difficult game but for sure worth playing it, as the story progresses the levels are beautifully mastered and all is completed with fantastic music.

#3 Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure

This game just brings me back to the childhood. I used to spend hours and hours trying to finish this game. It's a super long Konami game with 33 levels, it kinda follows the same pattern as Sonic and Mario, but I really think this game is underrated. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed playing Mario for sure.

#2 Sunset Riders

Is a unique shooter, a western version of shoot 'em up that is definitely better when played with two players. You play as Cormano or Billy the bounty hunters. I love the variety of levels, different enemies, chaises on the trains, jumping on the back of running cattle, It's so much fun, I never get tired playing it. The story is original, music and vocals are great. Overall I think the game is very rewarding and re-playable.

#1 Streets of Rage

My definite all-time favorite. To this day I think it's the most entertaining co-op beat-em up 2D game. It's fully hand drawn, has the best soundtrack of all Sega games. The non-stop action makes it super thrilling. Blaze was my Streets of Rage version of Mortal Kombat's Sonya. I loved the fact that this game had a woman character. I used to play this with my cousin for days. I think it's super entertaining and accessible to anyone, my boyfriend has never played it before and he fell in love with it immediately.

To anyone who loved the SOR 1,2 & 3 I recommend playing the SOR 4, the game design is incredible and soundtracks are great.


You can get SEGA GENESIS MINI for $89.99 on and it comes with 40 Legendary Games. I am so happy with the purchase, controllers are exact replicas, the console is fast and easy to use.



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