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My gear

EllenFinds IG and are my babies. I love photography it's a huge part of me. Most of my pictures on are self-portraits, others are taken with my gear by other people (people who have to be very patient with me while we get the perfect shot, I love you guys, you know who you are). I try to include at least one picture that's taken by me in every post.

So what camera am I using to create my feed?

I am a Pentax girl. I've got my first camera when I turned 15, it was a Pentax K-r, the camera that still looks like new, I still have it and cherish it.

I fell in love with using a Pentax. And when the time came to look for an upgrade Pentax released a full frame Pentax K-1, I was over the moon when I got it!


I have my favorite lens that I use for special occasions - Sigma art 35mm F1.4, the Colour rendition is just as fantastic as the bokeh is. It's a perfect portrait lens as well.


My second favorite lens that I recently acquired is Pentax 28-105mm F3.5

It's wonderfully sharp for a zoom. I can carry it around all day. It's perfect for travel and hiking. It's also my food tasting at restaurants lens. Love it!


Another light and nice lens I also used to use with my Pentax K-r and still use it with my Pentax K-1 is Pentax 50mm F1.4, I love this lens, it saved me so many times in low light places.

ND Filters and why I use them:

An ND filter acts like sunglasses would to your eyes, it blocks light coming into the lens like sunglasses blocks light coming into your eyes. ND stands for Neutral Density which means it blocks the light in a neutral way without changing the color of the light.

Few years ago when I got my Sigma Art 35mm lens I decided to get a variable ND filter and I came across GOBE, the images do not look less sharp, they're very resistant to flare due to their multi coated glasses. These filters are well worth the cost, and do not disappoint in quality. I was very impressed with this filter so as soon as I got my new lens, I bought a ND filter for it as well.

I love their eco-initiative. For every item purchased 5 trees are planted in areas affected by severe deforestation. Revitalizing ecosystems and empowering local communities.

Check out their website to order your filters:


I hope you all staying safe out there!


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