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Meet the (other) mind behind Ellenfinds!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Ellenfinds is growing fast, and it has been a very crazy but exciting time for us! If you've been with us for awhile now you'll know that I started Ellenfinds on my own. It was just a dream when I first started taking photos at local restaurants to highlight on my Instagram. It was born out of a love for supporting local, and highlighting small business - oh and of course a love of food! Before long, I was gaining a bit of notoriety for my product photography and began creating content for local small businesses, and that grew to managing social media accounts, doing product photography, logo design and so much more for brands both local and abroad!

What's next for Ellenfinds?

I was already at the maximum workload of how many clients I could take on myself. However I always had goals of taking on more clients and growing my business into a thriving company, so I wasn't about to throw in the towel. Naturally, it was time to expand and bring on someone I knew and trusted to help with the work - so I could continue doing what I loved while maintaining the quality and personal touch of Ellenfinds. I finally found the perfect addition to my team, and asked her to join Ellenfinds while at a cute vegetarian restaurant called Do Chay.

Introducing Britt!

Britt and I had worked together previously in a restaurant, and became friends pretty quickly. We both love food and board games and are always found trying out new local spots here where we live in Vancouver!

Britt jumped on board this summer and has become our resident wordsmith. She prefers to call herself a ghost writer - since she's pale and a bit spooky (her words not mine)! With a degree in History & English under her belt, she has a mastery of words and a love for writing that I knew would be perfect for creating original and unique content for our clients.

When she's not working on content with me, Britt can be found taking dance classes, eating at local vegan restaurants (her favourite is Chomp Vegan Eatery), or with her nose in a book (she's currently reading From Here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty). We are excited that we both have found a passion for working in the exciting world of social media and it doesn't hurt that we both love to laugh and genuinely enjoy being around each other.

A Growing Community

We hope you follow along with us as we grow this small, woman-owned business so that we can continue helping other small businesses. Since Britt joined the team, we have been able to expand and have worked with over 50 clients from all over Canada, to LA, Nevada, Florida & even France! We hand-pick each client we take on to ensure it aligns with our own values, so we can create knowledgeable and current content that we believe in. We continue to grow and are excited about highlighting more brands from all over the world, to bring you the best of the best! We believe that's the difference in creating authentic content to help grow a genuine audience. Find out more about the services we offer here!


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