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M&M Creations

I spend a lot of time indoors, working on my computer from my home office, that's why creating a cozy yet vibrant environment means a lot to me, it has to be the place that inspire the flow of my creativity and allows me to get down to business. Vibrant art and decorations help energize my space and make me feel motivated.

With that in mind, it’s worth putting some work into decorating your home office, and this is how I do it to keep my home office super zen, I explore small local businesses, like Paige who is a very talented artist, making crocheted creations.

I'm obsessed with her creations! Look at this door knob plant holder she made:

It's super cute, the color is so vibrant and gives that nice lively feeling to my room!

I might also use it for other things like keeping all my coloring pens in one place, I struggled to find them a place :)

M & M creations offers all kinds of crocheted goodies, like coffee sleeves, mini purses, toques, bonnets and so much more, like my door knob basket! Her Instagram feed is so adorable!

Custom orders and shipping available!

Check out her social media pages, follow and support small businesses:



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