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Locally Obsessed. What is it? And why you need it :)

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Ok so I am obsessed with Locally Obsessed! I fell inlove with an idea even before receiving my first package. It's absolutely genius.

I can't ever find time to go to local markets, and I love doing that so much. Mostly because I prefer getting things from local vendors.

This is where Locally Obsessed swoops in and saves the day!

It lets you discover the incredible and unique products and services that your community has to offer.

It's basically a bi-monthly subscription of curated local goods and services worth at least $60. You can pay bi-monthly( $44.99 every 2 months ) or pre-pay for one year.

You can find more information on how to subscribe here:

So if you're like me, love local markets but never have time to go there and discover new goods, subscribe and see it for yourself. It's amazing!

What did I find in my Locally Obsessed bag?

Felted Soap Exfoliator handmade by Nissa also known as One Little Elf.

Materials :Merino wool, lemongrass ess oil, silk, Shea butter. No lye used.

I love the fragrance of this product plus the size is perfect.

The wool is so soft and it feels really nice one your body. Awesome exfoliator and a moisturizer as well.

Definitely recommend it. Could be a great gift for anyone this holiday season :)


Everlasting Candle Co.

This is just the best thing a candle lover could ask for.

I am a candle lover myself. I get lots of candles and I use them for the scents and as decorations as well.

No candle has ever looked as modern and gorgeous as the Everlasting Candle I found in my Locally Obsessed bag.

It's an indoor oil candle, that looks very elegant. It's timeless, all you need to do is top up the oil. They are handcrafted in Fraser Valley by a husband and wife team.

It's one of a kind gift for sure.

They come in for colors. I got golden and I couldn't be happier with it!

Order here:


Soul and Soil whipped honey butter - the moment I opened it and smelled it I simply fell in love with it. And then I applied in on my lips.. that was the moment I knew I will order some for my friends and family. I could immediately see my sister and my mom loving it!

It's so buttery smooth and so sinfully sweet... The whipped butter melts into your lips and creates a magical luxurious sensation.

Find them on instagram:


Chocolate Almond Butter by - Munch.

When you taste this mixture, you’ll always wind up with the exact chocolate flavor you’re looking for. It's nothing unlike commercial spreads that are loaded with sugar, the only ingredients are: Roasted Almonds, Coconut, Raw Turbinado Sugar, Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Cacao Powder, Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt.

It's a lovely dark color and an amazing chocolate flavor.'s just too good.

Find more here:


CoffeeTab by Invito Coffee.

It's a revolution. It's mind blowing. It's everything a coffee lover who also is travelling a lot would need :)

CoffeeTab is real specialty coffee you can brew in a cup, anywhere. It uses the latest coffee science and technology to achieve results not available from any other coffee in the marketplace.

With that being said, you will no longer have to drink instant meh coffee. This is delicious. This is real. And I am so happy to have this in my life. Thanks to Invito Coffee.

I know I might sound like a crazy excited person, but I am a little too excited. I am literally sipping a cup of this amazing coffee as I am typing right now.

All I can say I will always have this in my luggage when I am travelling, or when I am running late for work...

Try it yourself:



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