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"When you support local business you're supporting a DREAM."

I love this quote.

I think about it every time I shop local, I feel like I am contributing to someone's happiness.

Why shopping locally is good:

- You get inspired. Shopping locally helps you discover your neighborhood artists, walk on an actual street shopping and meeting business owners who can advise you and answer all your questions. There are so many products you can find in local markets that you would have never thought existed! It can boost your imagination and maybe inspire you to start your own business!

- You get amazed! Buying a new soap in a shape of a fruit, or candle that makes your home smell amazing and it's entirely hand made! I am constantly amazed by using local products.

- You know what you get. You get handmade products that are so carefully made, with love and inspiration.

You get products that are made with local ingredients, meaning you're even supporting more than one local business at once! And most of all it's made to make your body healthier, your home outstanding, and your mood perfect!

- It's Green it's Good. Local businesses help keep communities green and safe. Local products don't travel far on trucks and jets burning fossil fuels.

It's made next door, so it's fresh. And Fresh is Best!

- You are supporting a DREAM. I cannot stress this enough :)


What is LocalBoom?

LocalBoom is a local company founded in 2017 by Steven Kieboom. It began with a simple goal:

To create a movement that redirects attention back to Canadian brands &  entrepreneurs while providing positive social impact in our communities.

LocalBoom picks the best up and coming products and brands from all across Canada and bring them to you on their platform. They exist to help Canadian brands & talented entrepreneurs grow while helping support Canadian communities across the country.

I love how easy it is to navigate through their website, which makes buying local products made by Canadian entrepreneurs online easy.

Supporting small, local independent businesses is what LocalBoom does. It has a brilliant selection of some really cool products. Definitely recommend it if you're looking for locally made, high quality and long lasting goods.

I am happy with every single product I've received from LocalBoom. I got products from:

Looking for the perfect gift? Get a gift box at LocalBloom and surprise your loved ones with unique gifts from local brands. It's so simple to do!

Or just subscribe to LocalBoom gift boxes and receive locally made products for yourself!

Check out subscription gift boxes available HERE:

LocalBoom offers Same Day Delivery for customers in Vancouver, BC.

Which I think it's so great!

LocalBoom website:



So maybe next time you're going to shop, you can try shopping local. Help your town’s local businesses survive and prosper.

Don't just buy goods. Buy stories, relations & magic.



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