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Local Homemade desserts you can order in Vancouver

How often do you go out of your way to hunt down a perfect dessert?

Personally, I would drive to the ends of the earth to test out a new dessert. I adore sweets and I adore it even more when I know they are home made using local ingredients.

These are my favorite local gems I would like to share it with you all:

Qings Cake

I bet you would feel exactly the same way I felt when I received a cake from Qings Cakes, it made me wonder if perfection is truly unattainable. I just didn't want to eat it, it was just too gorgeous to eat. Seriously, this cake is its own muse.

When imaging the perfect dessert to present to your guests, I recommend ordering a cake from Qings Cake. In addition to being so pretty this 3D jello cake is incredibly delicious too.

I tried a pineapple flavor with matcha cheesecake, pecan and Oreo cookies base.

Qings Cake uses fine ingredients only. Anyone who loves matcha should not miss trying this.

I could go on and on why you should try these incredible cakes, but I will let you try it and see it for yourself.

Order here:


Jennifer's Cup{Cakes}

Jennifers Cup{Cakes} grew from a passion of baking to creating specialized cakes and cupcakes for your celebration to dazzle!

Order cupcakes for your birthday parties, weddings or any other occasion!

Jennifer is the creator and baker of these amazing desserts. I am so grateful to have met her!

Cupcakes that Jennifer made me were vanilla filled with butter scotch & pumpkin spice icing.

They're super fresh and delicious. And so so beautiful!:

Order here:


Cloud Ice Cream

It's homemade ice cream, that contains lactose free milk and regular heavy-cream.

Their ice cream is so flavorsome! It has a perfect amount of the creamy texture that melts in your moth, almost no iciness and incredible flavors. I have an inherent love of strawberries so I was amazed of how much the strawberry ice cream smelled like fresh strawberries when I opened up the jar! Juicy juicy flavor!

Order here:


By Songmi

Home-made Macarons? No problem.

By Songmi makes the most adorable and delicious macarons. With shells so perfectly crispy outside and chewy inside sandwiching a sweet filling, these delightful treats from By Songmi are a taste sensation.

Place your order here:


Take Me Away Pastries

How about some Italian desserts?

Take Me Away Pastries offer vegan cannoli in three flavors:

- Traditional Sicilian

- Chocolate Kiss

- Espresso Italiano

Shell so thin and crispy and filling with serious flavor. Such a dreamy dessert...

Order here:


Jars By Jodi

What about making your own cookies with these cute cookie mixes from Jars by Jodi?

It's super easy and fun to make.

Jars of Jodi offers not only cookie mixes but also brownie and scone mixes as well.

Order here:



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