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Little White Sign

We've moved to a new place last week which is so exciting yet the moving part was not my favorite:)

We’ve been apartment living in Downtown Vancouver, it was quite a small place and even though we didn't have as much furniture as an entire house would have, it was still not the easiest moving I've had. I've been planning how my new place is going to look for a while now, pinning decor ideas on Pinterest, creating boards for every room...and eventually being here in my new place, unpacking and filling up the suite with details was such a fun experience..

My new place is a dreamy slopped ceiling suite, so I wanted to decorate it accordingly. The kitchen is one of the most charming rooms of the suite with lots of light, a vintage stove and cute old school kitchen cabinets.

As I finished to unpack it felt quite not right until I added a finishing touch for my nearly complete kitchen.

A sign for my kitchen. You would think it's a small detail, but I assure you it adds a splash of customized artistic flavor to your home. And mine is perfect! It was created by Little White Sign which offers handcrafted signs and home decor.

Abigail Keeler is the talented artist and an owner of Little White Sign.

I asked for customized order she was so lovely she even sent me different options to choose from! And it turned out amazing. I couldn't be happier.

I'm a huge New Girl fan. Nick Miller is my favorite character so having this quote from the show in my kitchen makes me smile every time I look at it. I love that my sign is hand written too!

Little White Sign offers wonderful quality, sturdy signs that have a farmhouse feeling. It is simplified to fit a minimalist approach that anyone would love.

Stained special walnut is used for the frame, and black letters on white background to express the sweetest sentiments. It just adds so much charm to my kitchen!

All signs can be created reversible and customization is available as well. Sizes, colors, fonts and lettering can be customized to fit your vision. How cool is that? :)

I definitely recommend it! It would be a great gift to anyone.

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Photography : Dovile Lingyte


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