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Koyuki Sapporo Ramen

Hello friends, I have something to confess ... I'm a hopeless Ramen-tic!

Just few years ago I didn't know anything about Japanese food. I was always curious about it. But I didn't dare to try it. And I've been missing out on so much! Like all the ramens I could have had... I know I know... I am still young and I have all this time I could just spend eating noodles :)

But let me tell you about a place I found in the very heart of Vancouver Downtown.

A magical spot for awesome ramen and other delicious Japanese food.

Koyuki Sapporo Ramen is a small Japanese restaurant located on 795 Jervis street. If you are new to Japanese food and have no idea what is what when you come to a Japanese Restaurant and open the menu, this is the place for you! Not only their menu is super easy to understand (it has pictures, yes my friends, pictures!) but also their staff is so so helpful you would not choose a wrong meal.

Plus for those in a rush(Lunch break maybe?) the turnover is fast though so you won't wait too long. Perfect!

So what did we try there?

We ordered couple different items.

And, of course, we had a bowl of their awesome Ramen.

TONKOTSU SHOYU RAMEN - soy base ingredients & tonkotsu soup. Has Cha-shu, green onions, bamboo shoots, fish cake, garlic chips, soft boiled egg. You can choose thin or thick noodles, hard regular or soft egg. It was definitely a filling size, and wonderfully delicious broth. Yummy, so yummy!!!

Sides we shared:

MENTAIKO DON- Spicy cod roes on small rice bowl. This was a hit! I was enjoying it and I couldn't stop myself. I am a big rice fan, so it was definitely something I had to try.

TAKOYAKI - I can't go to a Japanese restaurant and not have the small batter balls filled with octopus pieces. They were so awesome here. Probably the best I've had so far!

TSUNA TATAKI - Tuna tataki. If you're wondering what tataki means, I had to look it up as well, it means "pounded" it's not seared as you would imagine.

It was so good! Fresh and had lots of flavor.

Very reasonable prices, good portions and super fresh ingredients. I will be back and definitely will get my hands on a bowl of this ramen again very soon!


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