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J&G Fried Chicken

Ever since I came to Vancouver in 2015, I've lived Downtown. I love it there. It's vibrant and fun, so many places to grab tasty food, numerous options to satisfy your cravings.

And for anyone who loves fried chicken there is a place downtown you can't miss!

J&G Fried Chicken is located on 1706 Robson street. They have a cute patio outside for you to sit down and enjoy your meal.

They have another location at Crystal Mall, in the heart of Metrotown too.

I have to add, their staff is so nice! Really accommodating and friendly :)

This was my second time there and this time I invited my partner Lucas with me since he has tons of experience cooking meat and understanding when it's good. Lucas had several different chicken options and he was very thrilled to try them all and discover how delicious and crisp they were! In a mean time I was enjoying their vegetarian snacks. Their yam fries and deep fried broccoli tasted amazing.

Pricing there is fair and portion sizes are really good.

Get the J&G Fried Chicken App and collect points!

You get 10 points for every dollar you spend!

You also get 15% off Birthday Discounts and more...!

TIP: Once you download the app you can get your first FREE SOFT DRINK with any purchase!

Check out this cute video of our visit there:

Original music by Ti9ri.

Heart Shaped Chicken cutlet - Such a fun way to have your chicken! And the batter of the chicken is perfect! It's light, but also has a nice crispiness too.

Deep Fried Chizza - It's a chicken it's a pizza it's a Chizza! If you like chicken and you like pizza it's what you need to try!

Of course their popcorn chicken is their signature. Everyone loves their popcorn chicken, it has the right amount of crisp! J&G Fried Chicken have mastered the science of crispy food!

And what about a nice sweet snack?

Have you ever tried Taro balls? They are filled with sweet custard!

J & G Fried Chicken has a nice selection of homemade drinks for you to try. We had their Purple Peach Bubbly and Citrus Bubbly lemonades. I loved the Purple Peach Bubbly more, it was really interesting, not too sweet and very refreshing.

Great accompaniment to the fried foods!

So if you are looking for non greasy, juicy and full flavored chicken or fried veggie snacks try J&G Fried Chicken and you won't be disappointed.



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