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J & G Fried Chicken

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

The well known Taiwanese fried chicken franchise J&G Fried Chicken which is available for anyone who lives is Vancouver. J&G Chicken offers wide menu with exciting ways to try fried chicken.

They've got two locations : Burnaby at the Crystal Mall and their second location is on Robson Street.

At J&G Chicken every item is made with local fresh chicken (nothing frozen). Everything is recreated as the original flavour J&G is known for,with their seasonings, spices imported directly from Taiwan.

From the moment they serve their food you can see that your chicken is going to be crispy, juicy, flavorful and not greasy.


Signature Crispy Popcorn Chicken

Freshly prepared with our legendary recipe and unique cooking techniques originating from Taiwan.

Heart-shaped Chicken Cutlet

Such a cute insta-worthy food! Never boring and always juicy and delicious chicken cutlets.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings - Who can say no to crispy chicken wings..?

Deep Fried Yam Fries - Soft centered sweet yams with a legit crisp. Noom!

Chicken Pizzas - another awesome and exciting way to eat your fried chicken!

Deep Fried Custard Balls - because why not?

And so much more... Go visit them today and try it yourself! Yaay Fried Chicken!

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