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I'm Locally Obsessed...!

British Columbia is wonderful for many reasons. We've got so much beautiful nature. From mountains to sandy beaches and ocean access, numerous parks, rivers and lakes... it's a true wonderland.

What amazes me the most is people. Sense of community. There is this uniqueness in the strength of the local businesses that makes me feel so proud to be living here, developing business relationships, being a part of networking events... It all makes B.C. beautiful. It all contributes to making Canada beautiful.

I've started working with local businesses with no expectations whatsoever but it made me realize how little I knew about where I lived. I am now discovering local brands and local bakeries, restaurants that are so unique and beautiful. I have decided to contribute to the community by shopping local, and I've been doing this for a year now, I'm so grateful to have all these talented artists making such high quality products, it's been a life changer.

Buying local benefits everyone in our communities, it contributes to the growth and health of the communities in our province.

If you're not sure where to start, but you would like to support local artists and discover new brands I strongly recommend choosing Locally Obsessed.

I've talked about it before and will continue spreading the word since it is such a great idea to bring locally sourced foods or crafted items to your doorstep.

It's super easy to subscribe and you get to support a very talented and so dedicated to the community person - Nicole Meredith, who is the founder of Locally Obsessed.

Locally Obsessed is a bi-monthly subscription of curated local goods and services worth at least $60.

Deliveries are limited to the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Delivery is not available for apartments or gated communities unless packages can be left at the entrance if you are not home. Delivery is also not available to a workplace.

August Delivery really made me happy!

Check out what I got in this video here:

Original soundtrack : Ti9ri

August Locally Obsessed:

Riverbug Love - Cutest handmade crochet cactus. Best thing about it - you don't ever have to water it! And it will forever look cute.

The Little Tin Card - Sangria mix. You simply add your choice of alcohol and enjoy a refreshing cocktail. So simple, quick and delicious!

It makes the nicest gift. Check out all available tin cards here.

Lita's Mexican Foods - Vegan Taco Kit, and I fell in love. It's just WOW. It's made using enoki mushrooms, jack fruit, and 100% authentic Mexican spices. Those were perfect plant based tacos. I am definitely buying this kit again!

Photography : Dovile Lingyte

Wisbey Veggies - I was so happy to receive some local produce! Wisbey's sells fresh homegrown/local vegetables and fruit at reasonable prices.


My experience with Locally Obsessed has been wonderful. And now with a Locally Obsessed App it's even easier! You can see what you're about to get in your next delivery and discover local artists with the most adorable interface!

DOWNLOAD the Locally Obsessed App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Click here to learn more about Locally Obsessed.



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