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Social media growth strategy in 2021

It doesn’t matter what year it is, this number one tip hasn’t changed.

1. Optimize your BIO.

You need a bio that clearly describes what you're doing or what you're interested in. List your job profile, interests, accomplishments, or hobbies. Keywords and hashtags in your bio will improve your searchability on Instagram.

Use those150 characters to tell people what this profile is about, what is it that you do or you offer, and why should someone follow you.

2. Targeted interactions

You need to go out there and target your ideal audience. Posting a post on Instagram and closing the app will not help you grow your followers organically. So if you want to have traffic to your account you need to ENGAGE with people on Instagram. Create meaningful personal connections. How to do that?

TIP: Before posting a post, spend 10minutes to check on your followers, like their posts, comment on their images. ENGAGE in conversations.

Just after posting a post, or IGTV video, or a REEL, anything, make sure you spend another 10-15 min engaging with your audience. Reply to comments, maybe engage in conversations, tag friends in your comment answers. Again, ENGAGE.

A recommended time to engage with your audience daily is 2 hours.

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3. Target real active followers

You probably are wondering how do I find my target audience that’s actually active, you want them to come to your page and convert into a follower. You don't need another visitor who comes and leaves.


Target the audience of large influencers and competitors in your industry.

Interact with their audience to attract a new followers. (I’ll expand more about this in a separate blog post very soon!).

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4. Target your niche hashtags

Check your niche hashtags. Let's say you're an inspiring make up artist.

Like 3-6 photos in one of the categories, see if there is a post you’re interested, leave a valuable comment, don’t just leave something generic. You want to engage in a conversation, because that’s what is going to bring people, not only to the person whose account you’re leaving it on, but their followers and the people who are commenting on their post are very likely to come over to your profile.

Content photography for a phone case by Hello Maisel

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