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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Christmas time is near, which means it is time to throw on your Santa hat and start thinking about presents. Some people are super excited they start buying Christmas presents in October, others put off getting gifts to the last minute, obsessing and stressing about finding the "perfect gift".

I used to be that person, I used to stress thinking about what to get for my friends and family, plus now I am here in Canada and all my family live in Europe, I need to think about getting the presents shipped in time. However, my perspective on gift giving has shifted lately. Nowadays, I view gift giving as a natural way of showing love, thoughtfulness, and emotion for the people in my life.

I stopped stressing about finding a gift that is perfect and right for my friends or family members. I finally heard all these sayings how it's not about the gift at all. It's about the thought and emotion. The sentiment. The action behind it.

Gifts do not need to be expensive, sometimes it can be a handwritten or even DYI card that would make someone very happy. Or a date to the park together for quality time. Or what about a simple text saying "I appreciate you, I am thinking of you, I love you and I see you." All these actions are gifts too. Very beautiful and real gifts.

This year is so different too. With Coronavirus pandemic, shopping trends are changing. I am all about supporting local businesses and it hurts to see small business owners struggle so much this year.

Small businesses that typically do well during these months are beginning to feel the struggle of this change. It's hard enough they have to compete with online retailers, small businesses are also experiencing difficulties with getting new inventory, as the warehouses they order from are operating with reduced staff.

So this holiday season, maybe think of ordering your gifts from local businesses, your neighbor that sells jams, candles, scarves or cookies. Without further ado, I present to you my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. All the following items are things I personally own, have experienced.

Happy Holidays, dear readers.

Love, Elena


Hand made Jewelry by Three Little Spruce

My friend Yuka Morino, makes beautiful jewelry. She uses an ancient Japanese tradition in her designs, crafting innumerable patterns and textures using 金彩 Kindami (Gold Application Technique).

Anyone who appreciates unique hand made jewelry will love her work. I got the cutest avocado earrings from Yuka, I adore them!

Coffee Body Scrub by Wild Jasmine

I can't even begin to explain how much I love this product. I used to make my own coffee scrub, but after I got this Coffee Body Scrub from LocalBoom, everything changed! The smell of it, is incredible. If you know a coffee lover, look no further. It's the best gift you can find! Plus you skin feels so smooth and moisturized.

Nut butters by Munch Life

I cannot say enough about these butters. Their texture is great and can be definitely applied to complement with a variety of other foods. It's great for spreads and dips, sauces, smoothie bowls, dressings.. I could go on and on.

I simply love them. And can guarantee anyone would love them!

If you decide to get some of these butters as holiday gifts use promo code "Elena15" to get 15% off your order.

Holiday Themed wooden coasters by Reclaimed Print Co

Everyone who sees my home decor items by Reclaimed Print Co asks where we got them from. They are beautifully made in Vancouver. There is a huge selection of coasters to choose from. You can even have your own pictures printed on them. During this holiday season, Reclaimed Print Co offers holiday items that are super cute, I recommend checking it out.

Would you like to give a gift of "A Spa Day at Home" to someone you love?

Check out my blog post HERE I've published earlier this year of my favorite Beth & Olivia Handmade products. I use them everyday. And I would gift any of these products to my friends or family, I know they would love it.

My favorite of all - NEROLI FLORAL WATER. I don't know what I would do without it :)

Headwraps from Dear London

I love them, and I would not hesitate to get these for any of my girlfriends. I got this for my best friend and my mom already. It's a great gift! Dear London headwraps collections are fresh, trendy and super adorable, from neon colors to pastel colors.

I have many more gift ideas! Shoot me a message on IG and ask for my advice!

Thanks for reading.

- Elena




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