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Hi Five Chicken

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I love food. And I love carbs. I have those days when I crave good burgers and fries and pops but I still choose places where I would get fresh ingredients and feel good after eating.

Hi Five Chicken uses 100 % Fresh Chicken Raised without Antibiotics and they are free range raised.

Hive Five's chicken is chilled with air, not water to hold the natural chicken flavor and keep it tender and juicy,100 % Fresh and never frozen.

We had a huge variety of chicken to try. Hi Five Chicken gives you options for regular/spicy and for fried or baked chicken. Both baked and fried chicken were juicy and delicious. Their fried chicken was the winner though. It was crispy to the last bite.

Honestly if you have fried food cravings it's definitely a place to do it.

Spicy options are really nice as well. The chicken pieces are really good size, really moist, not dry and there is plenty of meat so it's a really good deal for a really good quality.

I had a Veggie burger the patty was juicy and tender, and my rosemary-garlic seasoned wedge fries were so delicious, better than regular fries they had a nice crisp to the exterior.

I was satisfied with our visit. Definitely recommend - quality food, fast service. Good size parking lot is always a plus too!



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