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Good Bowl

A gem in Richmond - Good Bowl is located in the same plaza with Walmart Supercentre. Good Bowl offers you an innovative way of dining – customize your own meal according to your personal preferences, pick your own ingredients and watch chef cook it in front of you on a Mongolian style large circular grill.

We walked in and I immediately fell in love with the place, it's a spacious and clean, lots of room to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal, it has a really cool vibe. Customer service is amazing, staff is very helpful and patient, they truly make the experience there great.

We had two bowls Medium Size ( You can pick kid - medium - large size).

They have quite a range of high quality ingredients to choose from. It's basically build your own bowl style. You also get unlimited amount of veggies in your meal! How amazing is that?

You have a choice of noodles, white rice and wild rice to choose from with no additional cost. We chose to have one with noodles and one with rice.

After you pick your veggies you pick your protein you can choose between a free run/grain fed/ hormone free chicken, AAA Certified Angus beef, Sakura pork, and tofu. There are some extra proteins to choose from as well, like a free run egg for $1.95, prawns $3.95, if you wish for extra meat it will cost you $2.95 (regular bowl) and $3.95 (large bowl).

I was nicely surprised when they told us all their sauces are made in house, and there are so many of them: Thai Red Curry Peanut⁣⁣ Hunan⁣⁣ Teriyaki⁣⁣ Tandoori⁣⁣

Mongolian Curry⁣⁣

Chipotle coconut⁣⁣

Spicy Korean⁣⁣ Coconut Lime Leaf⁣⁣ Miso Maple⁣⁣ Lemongrass Ginger⁣⁣ Sweet & Shour Pieapple⁣⁣

As I mentioned before we had two bowls. So one of them was a Tofu and rice, lots of veggies and the coconut lime leaf sauce. I feel my mouth is watering just thinking about it... It was so delicious. Ingredients not only look super fresh in the display but they actually taste so fresh. The sauce is there to top the perfection.

The second bowl was a noodle + their AAA Certified Angus beef, lots of veggies and same coconut lime leaf sauce. We sat down there eating and repeating "ow my this is so good!".

Honestly, one of the top places you could go for a delicious, nutritious and healthy meal. I don't even mind driving to Richmond from Vancouver Downtown.

To go along with our awesome build yourself bowls we had a fresh squeezed orange juice and a smoothie.

You get to choose the fruits or veggies that will go into your glass and the they freshly squeeze the juice in front of you. There is a spout in front of the glass where the juice comes out. It was so fresh and delicious!

As for the smoothie we picked a Green Machine - Spinach, apple, kale, pineapple, banana and low-fat vanilla froyo.

And as if all of that wasn't enough to wow me, we had energy bites, that are made with oats, flax seed, chocolate chips, natural peanut butter, honey and chia seeds.

I was over the moon after my meal. I am definitely coming back.


Definitely recommend Good Bowl, my new fav place!

To learn more about Good Bowl and order food online visit:


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