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Farmer's Meal

Times have definitely changed. We used to complain about cooking at home, time consuming grocery shopping, throwing away countless of expired groceries from the fridge... Let's just be honest most of the days cooking at home was a burden. Until fresh food meal kits arrived on the market and transformed the cooking world. You choose your meal online, ingredients arrive in a box on your doorstep, you follow the recipe and in minutes, your meal is ready. It's clean, no waste of food, fancy meals with interesting sauces, your dish is as delicious as it would be served at your favorite restaurant.

It has definitely changed my life. It saves me so much time, I can focus on getting my work done without overthinking what's for dinner and managing my cooking time.

There are plenty of Fresh Food Meal kits available in Vancouver. From the world famous Hello Fresh to a Canadian owned companies like Chef's Plate or Good Food.

They all have options of meat or veggie, low calorie and family friendly.

The dishes are familiar, easy to cook.

I've been ordering these meal kits for a while now, and I started to wonder is there anything more interesting available on the market in Vancouver? This is when I came across Farmer's Meal. Nutritionally balanced, Mediterranean inspired meals.

Farmer's Meal - New approach to healthy ready-to-eat food

Farmer’s Meal is a Vancouver Based meal preparation company focused on preparing fresh Mediterranean inspired meals, that are nutritionally balanced. Our products are always produced from healthy, seasonable, and sustainable ingredients, that are mostly sourced from local markets and BC farmers.

Farmer's Meal collaborate with local restaurants on some of their products, as they believe that it is their duty to support local businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. They have a proven commitment to social and environmental sustainability, demonstrated by their food waste management efforts, and their continuous support to people with disabilities with discounts and employment.

It's important to note that individuals with permanent physical disabilities are eligible for special discounts.

At Farmer’s Meal, they're committed to maintaining great food quality. Therefore, all their products are crafted, prepared, and tested to last for 5 days while still tasting as good as day one. Farmer's Meal products include handpicked appetizers (fresh hummus, vegan grape leaves, etc) fresh Mediterranean salads, soups, re-heatable meals.

I have received my bag full of food, and I didn't know where to start. Everything looked so delicious. Salads stayed fresh for couple days, I took some of the food with me to my camping trip. I was so relieved I didn't need to plan and cook beforehand. And the experience was outstanding!

Thanks Ti9ri for the sountrack.

It's definitely a different approach to a traditional Fresh Food meal kit, as everything comes prepared already, I would say it's even more convenient. Food stayed in the fridge for couple days and it stayed surprisingly fresh. We would have some salad and snacks for lunch and also nibble some of it during the evening. I loved how easy it was, we didn't need to cook for few days at all!

Ordering process is easy and quick. See here:

I was blown away by all the flavors, I was trying all the new dishes I've never tried before and I loved! It was an exotic, new experience. Moreover it's healthy, lots of vegetarian options, truly nutritionally balanced meals with fresh & natural ingredients.

My favorites were:

Cheese FATAYER it comes a pack of 11, as if they knew I would love it so much! Handcrafted dough in the shape of half moon stuffed with cheese and veggies. My recommendation: I popped them in an air fryer, they came out perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft and yummy inside. They're made with dairy free white flour dough!

Halloumi salad - I am a huge halloumi fan and this was a real deal for me, I loved the salad so much I ate it all by myself. It had tomato, green pepper, cucumber, mint, zaatar pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, pomegranate, halloumi cheese. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now..

My boyfriend loved the GRAPE LEAVES VEGAN you get 12 of them, it's their top-selling appetizer, filled with chickpeas, onion, rice, tomato, Italian parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, salt wrapped in grape leaves.

I truly can't say enough about Farmer's Meal. If you're into healthy food, or you want to start eating healthy, but still crave delicious food, this is really a perfect choice.

Getting ready to go camping? Do what I did, order few salads, freshly prepared snacks, all ready to eat! Enjoy outdoors and do it with a fresh healthy meal too! Give it a try today!

My overall rating 5/5.



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