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Engagement Photoshoot Ideas for Easy and Elegant Poses

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

What is an Engagement Photoshoot?

So you might be wondering what an engagement photoshoot entails?

Common questions I get are how does it work, where should we shoot, how do I plan for it?

Let me offer you a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of what a Vancouver Engagement Photoshoot can look like, and how simple it can be to achieve! (With the right photographer of course)

How and when should you have your Engagement Photoshoot?

1 . After the engagement.

Booking your photoshoot for after the engagement is a simple and traditional way to capture this small window of time in your lives as a couple. Some benefits to having a post-engagement photoshoot are that you can plan ahead, choose a special location, coordinate your outfits and book your favourite photographer!

Check out this beautiful couple that I shot at Tower Beach right here in Vancouver. They chose this location because it was the location where they actually got engaged! It was nice to revisit this special area with them and they will forever be able to look back at these photos and reminisce about that special moment in their lives.

Another benefit to shooting after the engagement is that you get to enjoy the actual moment of the engagement privately and more spontaneously as a couple. Everybody is different, so it's important to consider this when booking your photoshoot!

2. Travel Engagement Photoshoot

Sometimes I also get requests from couples that are coming to Vancouver from out-of-town! This is also very exciting for the couple as they can not only enjoy a vacation together as a newly engaged couple, but they can capture memories in a new and exciting city! See some other ideas for great locations in Vancouver here.

This couple came to visit Vancouver from the USA and asked me to recommend locations - which is a great idea, as a good photographer will know all the best spots to get photos in their city! In true Vancouver fashion, it was a rainy summer day and this couple was down to have fun with it! We shot at Canada Place in downtown Vancouver as well as historic Gastown.

3. A Surprise Engagement

One type of Engagement Photoshoot that has become increasingly popular is a Surprise Engagement! This was a very exciting photoshoot to get to do for this couple from Calgary, who had come to Vancouver for a "vacation". This thoughtful groom-to-be had contacted me in advance to arrange the whole shoot, knowing he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal - and capture the moment!

Naturally I was on board for this and we arranged to meet in Stanley Park here in Vancouver, where I pretended to be a new photographer looking to grow my portfolio by photographing couples in various places. We reached the agreed location and she said YES!

This is a really great option if you are an adventurous couple that loves to surprise one another. The surprise really translates to beautiful in-the-moment photographs that will last a lifetime.

Tips for Booking your Engagement Photoshoot

Choice of location

It's important to consider choosing a location that is not just beautiful but meaningful to both of you as a couple. If you choose to have your photoshoot while on a trip or in a location you are unfamiliar with, ask your photographer for advice! Photographers are professionals that have a great eye for finding local spots that will catch you in your best light.

Choosing your poses

A good photographer will guide you in your poses and help make you look your best. That being said it is always encouraged to do your research in advance, so you can best articulate what the vibe you are going for with your photos! Pinterest and Instagram are both great resources for finding engagement photos that you love, and there are great pose ideas here as well - just remember to save your favourites to your phone and show your photographer in advance.

What to do with engagement photos?

There are so many reasons to get Engagement photos! You can get them printed off to keep for sentimental value or to hang in your home, to send to family, and they are great to display at your wedding!

Engagement photos are a snapshot of this beautiful moment in your lives. Couples photography is something to cherish over the years. You will love looking back over the years and seeing how you've grown together since then.

Plan ahead!

Don't wait - book your shoot today!


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