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Douce Dinner

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

A new retro/modern looking breakfast/brunch/lunch place in North Vancouver.

I was super excited to try out this place, it looks super cute from outside, very inviting interior too! You simply want to take pictures while you’re there, it’s so Insta- worthy! The servers are in the most fashionable uniforms, wearing ribbons on their heads creating such an amazing retro vibe! Besides their cute style, staff were friendly and attentive 🙂

Everything at Douce Diner is locally sourced and much of it is organic.

When you come to a place as cute as Douce Diner you want to have a milkshake.

We took a :

BANANA SPLIT - vanilla gelato, chocolate fudge, strawberry compote, crushed pineapple, caramelized banana with whip cream and cherries

It was an outstanding hand crafted milk shake!

The minute I saw the menu I knew what I was going to have, even though I wanted to try everything! But if there is an avocado toast on the menu that’s named: “AVOCADO TOAST MY WAY”. I’m simply going to have it!

And let me tell you it was phenomenal! I had so many avocado toasts but I want the world to know about this Avocado Toast! …and it’s VEGAN too.

-vegan mayonnaise, avocado, black sheep smoked vouda cheez , little gem tomatoes with sprouts.

It’s now my favorite avocado toast. The combination of the smoked cheez and the mayo was so good, also the bread they use for the avocado toast is simply amazing, a multigrain bread from BAD DOG BREAD. I will be coming back for more.

We also took a “DOUBLE DOUCE BURGER”. We were told that beef comes from Alberta, love knowing their food is local sourced.

-Natural Beretta beef patties, vintage cheddar, house zucchini & red onion pickles, shredded iceberg, special sauce & toasted brioche bun.

We added an egg + bacon to the burger and it was fantastic! Zucchini pickles made the burger extra awesome, we also were able to find out what was the special sauce of the day!

Secret revealed: Ketchup, sour cream, Worcestershire sauce.

The experience was great,the vibe was so good I will definitely add this place to my favorite places to have brunch or lunch in Vancouver!


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