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Dear London...

Dear London is a company named after Cara's beautiful daughter London, who was the biggest inspiration to create headwraps.

Dear London's is business creating the most beautiful head wraps for girls, ladies, and beautiful mamas. These headbands have no harsh seams or tags on them. Designed with comfort in mind, there is no hair pulling at all, making these the most comfortable headwraps you will ever own and wear.

They come in different styles and colors.

Cara is always keeping up fashion trends. Her headwraps collections are fresh, trendy and super adorable, from neon colors to pastel colors.

I got two and they are Caramel Toffee and Blush. I couldn't tell which one I love more. They go so well with most of my tops and jackets!

Check out all the available collections here:

TIP: One of the coolest things about owning a headwrap is that you can just use it for the days you don't feel like washing your hair, you can throw a headwrap on with a messy bun for a cooler casual look or a slicked back pony for a more retro feel.


I truly love Dear London's headrwraps, they are so cute and feels great.

I never thought I was a headwrap/headband person, but now I know I am!

They can make a casually thrown together top knot look really cute and stylish.

I will definitely recommend all my girlfriends to have one!

Honestly, I am so happy I came across Dear London, and I met another strong and inspiring local entrepreneur.

Make sure you follow Dear London's social media accounts:



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