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Char Blue Premium Spice Rubs

Updated: May 21, 2021

Elevate Your BBQ Game with Char Blue

BBQ season is upon us at long last and this means it's time to dust off the grill and get cooking! We recently gathered some friends outdoors and when I was tasked with cooking, I wasn't sure what I was going to cook. I wanted to impress everyone with my grill skills and elevate my BBQ game and so naturally, I went with Char Blue.

Prepping to impress

I decided to grill some BBQ pork chops and beef for variety. Rather than simply use the Pork Rub and the Beef Rubs on their own (which is also simple, easy and delicious!) I wanted to up my game. I created a marinade with three simple ingredients - the spices (Pork Rub and/or Beef Rub in this case), mixed in with some beer (I used Red Truck Lager) and a splash of vinegar. I mixed this up and coated the meat the night before to allow everything to be fully saturated and flavoured in the marinade.

Flash forward to BBQ time and my Char Blue marinades were a hit! The pork chops and beef were both so full of flavour and cooked to perfection! Everyone was asking for the recipe so I was sure to share my secret ingredient - Char Blue Pork & Beef Rubs!

Don't forget your veggies

Many of us are changing our dietary habits these days and EllenFinds is no exception! If you've been with me awhile now you know that I am vegetarian, so of course I had to find something to cook for myself! Luckily, the Char Blue rubs are all vegetarian and are actually delicious on veggies as well. I added the Beef Rub and some vegan butter to a couple ears of corn for myself, and also on some chopped potatoes that I tossed in the rub, covered in tin foil and threw on the grill. So simple and so much flavour! I loved that the rubs are versatile and can be used in different ways.

The Canadian BBQ Staple

Of course, a BBQ is nothing without some drinks! I went with my Char Blue "theme" for the day and whipped up some Caesars using the Char Blue Caesar Rim, which is made from 14 premium spices. We have a small group of friends from all over the world, and we all were joined together in our little backyard right here in Canada. Our Caesar cheers were the perfect homage to the country we call home. It was the perfect addition to a perfect day.

Check out this video I made for Char Blue Premium Spice Rubs:

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