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Caveman Cafe

As I am typing this blog post I am trying to think which things I should point out first as there are so many-but I'll start by pointing out the thing that pops out to me the most here: the incredible quality of the food! Everything on the menu they offer is just so high in quality at such stunningly reasonable prices ( $11 for a huge burrito!). What really stood out is that they custom make each dish to satisfy whatever dietary needs you have. The owner gave me his undivided attention and explained exactly how they have everything prepared. He suggested what sauces I should try and it was worth it! I think that is what makes this place special is the friendliest, most helpful staff that provide better customer service.

Their philosophy:

Food shouldn’t just taste great, it should make you feel great.  The food we eat impacts our physical and mental well-being.  This is at the heart of our philosophy, offering whole natural ingredients, free of additives and preservatives.







Caveman offers high quality food, options for all diets: gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, alkaline, paleo. There is no sugar added to any of their ingredients and home-made sauces (which are all home made, dairy and GF). My personal favorite is the avocado sauce. It is amazing, made my burrito taste super fresh!

We had two burritos this time:

Tandoori Wrap

Chilli Cave Wrap

They were amazing, filling, moist and delicious.

Now I am not sure if I like their pizza more or the burritos!

They also offer desserts!

We had a Low Carb Carrot Cake that's made with coconut and almond flour which was so good!

And we also tried their Mango Cheesecake. I loved the freshness of the desserts and all the flavors. It's not heavy at all and moreover it's healthy!

To conclude I really recommend this place even if you ain't vegan. Super yummy and affordable !

The owner and the staff is passionate and makes you want to come back. It's a wonderful addition to the community.

The best healthy non GMO food I've ever had in Vancouver!

Check out their Caveman Bakery, where they introduce customers to Keto Paleo Vegan and Gluten Free Breads. No GMO, no additives. I am super excited about this!!

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