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Brunch Places in Vancouver!

First things first I am a total morning person. I can’t wake up until I have a good cup of coffee and something to put in my stomach. It’s very rare when I don’t wake up feeling hungry. You simply would not want to deal with me in the morning until I have my breakfast.

I’ve been working as a breakfast server for a while since I moved to Vancouver. So I really didn’t need to cook for myself in the morning. But even if I worked as a breakfast server and I could have had breakfast there I would still choose to go out and hunt for new breakfast and brunch places in Vancouver. Or I would also have days off, do-oh, like all normal people do and I would need to go and have breakfast somewhere else.

Thankfully Vancouver has a ton of wonderful breakfast and brunch places that I always wanted to try, and it’s usually not time consuming to go eat out in the mornings because most of these places accept reservations ahead of time. Yaay.

So these are my favorite Vancouver breakfast and brunch places I want to share with you:

Commercial Street cafe - On a sunny summer day you can’t walk passed it and not find it super adorable! Hidden by beautiful sunflowers you see it and you simply want to stop there and enjoy at least one cup of coffee ( or tea, for those who loves tea,no offense). I honestly love this place - small and cozy, always filled with the nicest people.. my personal favorite thing on the menu - quinoa waffles. Their rice bowls are awesome too!

I put it on the top of the list because it’s so special to me for reasons I am not sure about :)


Red Umbrella.

This place has my heart - Located on Davie street, there is another cozy breakfast and brunch place. I love how casual and cute it is. Food is home made style, they bake their own bread (and it’s awesome, especially sourdough..) and their menu has lots of options for everyone’s taste. They have cute tables outside, and you can actually sit under the Red Umbrella!


De Dutch - Yes yes, what an obvious choice. Very predictable. Although I love it! I really do. Their food is always on point, even if you end up coming there on a busy morning. Their pancakes (pannekoek) are absolutely delicious. I know if I went there I would leave feeling full and satisfied with my meal. You can tell I like places that are chill and feel like home, for that reason I love De Dutch on the 410 W 2nd Ave, my favorite location :)


Chambar, Vancouver Downtown - I decided to put this place on my list for couple of reasons. Good food and top notch service. From Fricassée to Cassoulet, the menu has really nice variety. If there is a chance for you to sit at the outside patio then please do. I love the atmosphere inside, but there is something about sitting outside there, in a city of Vancouver enjoying French food :)

From Lunch Menu I would strongly recommend trying Mezzes - Moroccan mixed vegetable salad, eggplant, tahini & almond yogurt, carrot purée, beet hummus, dates, pistachios, heirloom tomato, falafel, haloumi. What a perfect way to have wine, chats and delicious food.

Also - Thon au Miso. Their tuna is perfectly seared.

Also, make sure to save space for their waffles. It’s the real winner. My favorite topping - White Chocolate Pistachio Rosewater.


Forage, Robson street- a place that serves breakfast early. If you’re ready to start your day early this is the place you should try. Forage is one of those places that really makes me appreciate good food. I go there to have delicious meal, home made jams, cozy atmosphere. I love the little outside area with picnic tables.


Are you French or are you just craving a good croissant and a sandwich on a baguette in the mornings? Then..

Batard Boulangerie & Cafe Moderne- is the place for you, my dear. Batard is not close to Downtown, it’s located on Fraser street, but even if you live downtown and you’re in a mood for good fresh bread and pastries you should not hesitate to come here and have truly fresh and delicious French like breakfast. The freshly baked breads, pastries, cakes, and savory dishes never cease to disappoint me.


Smith's Bagelry

I just have to add this to the list! I love everything about that place.

See My post about it here:

It's definitely a nice place to go and have delicious sandwiches, savory pastries, sweet delightful desserts and amazing coffee! No kidding, probably the best coffee you can find!

If you dare try their Turkish coffee.


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