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Brick'N'Cheese - Taste the Brick!

I'm going to start with asking you not to go out if you don’t have to BUT we all need to eat and the best way is to support your favorite local restaurants by taking advantage of their takeout and delivery options while they’re still open!

Brick'N'Cheese is great option for a quick, delicious and safe lunch or dinner! A new ghost kitchen is offering a crunchy tortilla wrap shaped like a"brick". They came up with this idea from an observation that there was limited choices when it comes to fast food industry these days.

Brick'N'Cheese is using quality ingredients, protein and toppings, and everything is topped up with a secret home made cheese sauce to create a wonderful experience... So yummy!

Order your brick, pick ingredients add some fries and enjoy your meal!

Fast and convenient!

Place an order using Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes or DoorDash and try it yourself!

And follow them on social media for more updates:

Brick'N'Cheese is open 5PM-10PM.

And I shouldn’t have to say this but please make sure you’re tipping the people that are going out of their way to make sure you can stay inside and get delicious food. Let’s support local!

Stay safe everyone!



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