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Birch Street Studio

Couple of years ago my sister and I visited Etsy Market Downtown Vancouver. We were fascinated by all the beautiful creations we saw there. I was looking for some jewelry at the time and we came across Birch Studio stand. We couldn't walk away, we were so mesmerized by all the jewelry. Anne Fleet is running Birch Studio, she is so talented all her jewelry is unique, super light weight and really, just adorable. I wear them, my boyfriend Lucas is wearing them. It's a perfect gift to anyone. Honestly, every time I wear a pair

I get compliments!

These earrings are made with stainless steel I have been wearing them a lot and they're still in perfect shape.

Design is drawn on the computer and then laser cut and engraved on birch wood. All color is hand painted and finished with several coats of protective lacquer. I love how original the designs are, eye catching, modern and versatile they really can go with any outfit.

You can tell Anne is such an artist, as she says each piece of jewelry that she designs is a direct reflection of her love for mountains, nature, wildlife and anything geometric. Her favorite pieces are the ones that combine these inspirations together.

I love these blush color studs. So summerish!

There is so much more in her Etsy store. I really recommend it so check it out here:

Anne is so generous she is giving away two pairs of earrings to one lucky winner!

Enter the giveaway here:



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