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Authentic Ramen Downtown Vancouver

If you find yourself hungry in downtown Vancouver and you would like to sit down and enjoy a perfect bowl of noodles, look no further. KOYUKI Sapporo Ramen offers real good authentic Miso Ramen.

I'm always happy to come back, I love their food, their customer service is amazing. They even have a cute little patio where you can enjoy your food in the sun on a street that's not busy :) It's perfect!

Koyuki Ramen has a new menu coming this September.

We were lucky to try some of their new dishes. As a pescatarian I could only try their vegetarian ramen, and also my favorite item on the menu - takoyaki or"octopus balls" :) My partner Lucas however is a big meat lover, as someone who was a cook for 10 years he can tell a lot about food and he really loves their ramen.

Briefly about the food we had:


Look at that melty cheese... Some people would say why? I would say why not!? It's like a combination of Japanese ramen and Italian pasta. It actually works!


A sensational ramen with an innovative approach normally not seen at other ramen shops.


A ramen with a miso flavor. This is KOYUKI’ s original and signature ramen prepared with a secret recipe.


Pork and chicken broth with vegetable prepared with a secret recipe.

Even though Koyuki Ramen is famous for their Butter & Corn Miso ramen, their vegetarian bowl deserves recognition too. It's the third time I had it and I would order it again.

Check out this short video from our visit at Koyuki Sapporo Ramen:

Original Music by Ti9ri



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